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Wilson Combat

"Since 1977 Wilson Combat has been the leading innovator in high-performance, custom 1911 handguns, tactical long guns and accessories... The most popular guns made by Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies are the CQB Compact, Protector Compact, Ultralight Carry Compact. The CQB Compact Pistol has all the features of a full-size CQB, but is reduced in size for carry purposes or for anyone who needs a smaller and easy-to-conceal pistol. This lightweight framed pistol is available in .45 ACP, 9mm, or .38 Super calibers. Wilson Combat also created the Elite and Tactical LE versions of this gun model designed to meet the needs of tactical shooting professionals. Another gun model that’s become increasingly popular is the WC EDC X9. Wilson Combat has redefined the defensive handgun with the EDC X9, a modern hybrid of the EDC 9 1911 slide assembly mated with the all new high-capacity X-frame. This groundbreaking design combines the accuracy, ergonomics and trigger pull of the classic 1911 design with enhanced reliability, and concealable, high capacity performance."

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