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"Magnum Research Inc.® (MRI) has been highly successful since its purchase by Kahr Firearms Group in 2010. This is due to our loyal customers and suppliers, dedicated employees, and highly experienced leadership. Magnum Research’s founders, Jim Skildum and John Risdall, had been involved with the company since 1979. Both men oversaw the ascent of the Desert Eagle® Pistol from a concept on paper to a pop culture icon, commonly seen in movies, television, and video games. Over the past 40 years MRI continually improved and expanded the Desert Eagle pistol series. Originally manufactured in Israel by Israel Military Industries, MRI moved production to their factory in Pillager, MN, in 2009. Besides offering the basic black finish, MRI has developed a line-up of the Desert Eagle pistols in a number of distinctive and appealing finishes including stainless steel, black, “Tiger Stripe”, and a variety of modern cerakote finishes. The Desert Eagle is currently produced in four magnum calibers."


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