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Customer Financing at Kind Sniper

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Kind Sniper has partnered with Gearfire Capital to offer customer financing on all (both firearm and non-firearm) Kind Sniper Mall purchases of $500 and more. The minimum amount qualified for the financing is calculated based on the cumulative shopping cart value. The financing terms are among the best in the industry. We encourage you to shop at Kind Sniper Mall to take advantage of this valuable offering! 

NOTE: Approval is dependent upon the borrower’s FICO score and satisfied underwriting credit criteria. The APR charged will not exceed 17.99%. The loan term can range between 24 and 60 months depending on the amount financed. Minimum amount financed is $500. Program management fee of $17 will be included in the amount financed. Not all buyers may qualify.

Customer Financing at Kind Sniper
Consumer Financing Built For The Shooting Sports Industry


Financing FAQs

What are the interest rates and other terms of the financing program?

The annual percentage rate (APR) charged is 17.99%. The contract rate will remain fixed for the duration of the contract. Your high credit will be dependent on your qualified FICO credit score. The financing terms range from 24-to-60 months based directly on the total amount financed. The first contractual payment installment will be due 30 days from the date of the signed documents, and each month thereafter. Subsequent monthly installments will be made through the borrower’s method of payment each month. The minimum financed amount is $500.00. Not all buyers may qualify.

What is Special Financing?

Special financing “payment with deferred interest (same-as-cash)” is available on all approved total invoice amounts over $500. If the account balance is paid in full within the promotional period noted on your contract, no interest will be charged to you. Regular monthly payments will be due according to the contract terms. Interest will be charged from the signed contract date if the balance is not paid in full. Special Financing will also be voided if a monthly installment is late more than 15 days at any time within the promotional period.

What if I have bad credit?

Gearfire Capital will finance purchases for customers who have a FICO score of 660 or higher. Anything lower than a 660 will not qualify for financing at this time.

Are there any pre-payment penalties for paying off the loan early?

No, you may pay off your contract in full at any time without penalty.

How long do I have to spend my full approved amount?

The high credit amount that you have been approved for is good for 90 days on your current application only. Any subsequent requests must be submitted through the same application process and will be re-evaluated. This product is not a revolving line of credit. A new credit file will not be pulled if you reapply within 90 days of previous application. The maximum number of open loans is restricted to two (2) and total of loans will not exceed the approved high credit. The minimum credit amount to be financed is $500. Be sure to read all of the contract disclosure information and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gearfire Capital at:

Are there additional fees, costs or taxes?

Shipping, holding costs, or associated fees charged by the Dealer may be added to your final invoice. Gearfire Capital charges a $17 processing fee which will be included in the financed amount. Taxes will vary from location to location. There is no money down requirement or upfront costs.

What happens if I change, cancel, or return my order?

If you cancel the order prior to signing the contract the application is withdrawn and the dealer will be notified of the change in status. If the contract has been signed and the funds have been sent to the dealer, it is your responsibility to rectify the situation with the dealer. Once a dealer receives the returned order, the dealer will send the funds back to you minus any restocking or other associated fees. You will then have the option of paying off your contract. You are responsible for any accrued interested from the date of the signed contract. Please note the terms of your contract remain intact.

How do I make payments?

Your payments will begin 30 days from the date you sign the loan contract. Your loan will be serviced by CUAnswers. You will have both a web-based and mobile account portal to submit payments, update account information and monitor your account.

What can I finance?

Customers may finance any order over $500, with approved credit.

How much can I finance?

Customers may finance any order from $500 to $10,000, with approved credit.

What is the interest rate?

We offer 90 days same as cash (no interest) as well as up to 60 months terms; all financing is offered at a rate no higher than 17.99% APR.

How long can a purchase be financed?

We offer 90 days same as cash (no interest) as well as terms from 24 to 60 months.

5 Stars

  • Just wanted to let you know the Kimber... I received from you guys is just what the doctor ordered! Looks great! Shoots better! Thank you so much and I will recommend Kind Sniper to anyone looking for guns. Appreciate it.

    - Stephen S.
  • Spoke to the owner: great service, fair price, perfect delivery. knowledgeable. If they stock or can order your next gun, this is your ideal dealer. 5 stars.

    - George B.
  • Great customer service. All items arrived as described.

    - Bob W.


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