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Kind Sniper has partnered with Credova to offer customer financing on Kind Sniper .shop platform. Financing your next firearm and accessory purchase is easy and can be done right at checkout within your shopping cart. Credova is a third-party ecommerce platform offering multiple financing options with one application helping you find a payment option that best fits in to your budget.

Shop with confidence. Get approved without affecting your credit. 

Kind Sniper | Credova Financing
Credova Financing


For financing of Nighthawk Custom products, please explore the additional option available through CS Bank*

Nighthawk Custom | Financing
Click on the Nighthawk logo for details

* Please write "Kind Sniper" in the "Contact Point (Dealer or Nighthawk Account Manager)" of your application

* * * * *

We encourage our customers to review the terms carefully and borrow responsibly.

5 Stars

  • Just wanted to let you know the Kimber... I received from you guys is just what the doctor ordered! Looks great! Shoots better! Thank you so much and I will recommend Kind Sniper to anyone looking for guns. Appreciate it.

    - Stephen S.
  • Spoke to the owner: great service, fair price, perfect delivery. knowledgeable. If they stock or can order your next gun, this is your ideal dealer. 5 stars.

    - George B.
  • Great customer service. All items arrived as described.

    - Bob W.


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