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The EXPERIOR lineup takes the lead as the most fully-optioned series we offer, showcasing nearly every tactical, functional and cosmetic option as a standard feature.

The foundation of every EXPERIOR pistol is our in-house produced match-grade slide, frame and barrel all perfectly machined and hand-fitted by our skilled gunsmiths for a lifetime of top performance. The EXPERIOR retains traditional 1911-style slide serrations, fixed Wilson Combat battle sights, and the classic 1911 extractor design to achieve a look that honors tradition but retains high performance.

All EXPERIOR models feature the new Wilson Combat TRAK grip texture-a hybrid, large asymmetric, flat-top checkering pattern that offers an exceptional, non-abrasive grip without snagging on cover garments. The TRAK grip pattern on the frame and grips offers unprecedented comfort while enhancing recoil control.

All single stack EXPERIOR models feature WAVE frame rail clearance cuts for lower friction operation in adverse environments. The WAVE clearance cuts hold lubrication and ensure that your pistol will smoothly cycle even when caked with excessive fouling, sand or grit. A new EXPERIOR barrel locking lug design on the 9mm models has a reduced forward locking surface to further enhance cycling in adverse conditions or with reduced power loads without sacrificing accuracy or durability.

Single stack EXPERIOR models are available in 9mm and .45 ACP calibers in a variety of sizes from a 6” long slide variant, 5” traditional Full Size, 4.25” Commander, 4” Compact and the smallest 1911 handgun we build, the 3.5” barrel Sentinel (9mm only).

9mm Double Stack EXPERIOR models compatible with the proven reliability of the high capacity EDC X9 magazine will be offered in 5” Full Size, 4.25” Commander and 4” Compact slide versions.

A series of exceptional defensive handguns, designed by experts and loaded with custom features that offer superior aesthetics and performance-That is EXPERIOR.

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    • Model Specific: 1911
    • Safety: Thumb and Grip Safety
    • Frame Finish: Black Armor Tuff
    • Embellishments: Top Slide Serrations
    • Grips: G10
    • Features: Ambidextrous Thumb SafetyTRAK Grip TextureWAVE Rail Clearance Cuts
    • Slide Finish: Black Armor Tuff
    • Finish: Black
    • Magazine Count: 2
    • Firing System: External Hammer
    • Magazine Type: Single Stack Magazine
    • Barrel Configuration: Single
    • Barrel Description: Match Grade

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