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Best semi-automatic pistols for sale

Semi-automatic pistols can fire repeatedly through an automatic reloading process while requiring for the trigger to be pressed for each following shot. They are the most popular handguns among civilian, military and law enforcement users. Enjoy our carefully hand-picked selection of world-class semi-automatic pistols. Before you buy, check out our "Deals & Promotions" to see if you qualify for a discount. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us.

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5 Stars

  • Just wanted to let you know the Kimber... I received from you guys is just what the doctor ordered! Looks great! Shoots better! Thank you so much and I will recommend Kind Sniper to anyone looking for guns. Appreciate it.

    - Stephen S.
  • Spoke to the owner: great service, fair price, perfect delivery. knowledgeable. If they stock or can order your next gun, this is your ideal dealer. 5 stars.

    - George B.
  • Great customer service. All items arrived as described.

    - Bob W.


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