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Kind Sniper and CCW Safe - Industry Partnership

October 12th, 2021


Kind Sniper - CCW Safe Partnership

Kind Sniper is excited to announce their new industry partnership with CCW Safe!

CCW Safe is a leading legal service membership provider servicing CCW permit/license holders, active/retired military, law enforcement officers, and gun owners around the nation. CCW Safe takes on the burden of the expenses associated with defending a self-defense/use of force critical incident. Follow this link to explore CCW Safe plans and purchase one to protect yourself.
Kind Sniper is a premier firearm dealer and a thought leader promoting safe gun ownership through a system of mutually-complementing key aspects: world-class hardware, technical proficiency, psychological balance and legal savviness.

The partnership between Kind Sniper and CCW Safe will further strengthen the promotion of both organizations’ common core values.


CCW Safe Plans:

Defender Plan

Protector Plan

Ultimate Plan

HR-218 Plan (for active, retired and former law enforcement officers)

Constitutional Carry Plan

Home Defense Plan

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