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Facebook's Anti-American Stance: A Threat to Constitutional Values

December 23rd, 2023

Facebook's Anti-American Stance: A Threat to Constitutional Values

At Kind Sniper LLC, we've recently faced the unsettling reality of Facebook's advertising policies firsthand. Our attempt to promote a "Happy Holidays" message, which proudly included references to American values and the Second Amendment, and was directed at an audience over 21, was met with rejection. This incident compels us not only as a company but as concerned citizens to voice our concerns about a direct threat to constitutional freedoms.

The Second Amendment is an integral part of the U.S. Constitution, irrespective of one's stance on the matter. It embodies a fundamental aspect of American democracy and individual rights. Facebook’s choice to censor our message, which cited this amendment, is not merely a policy disagreement; it's a blatant dismissal of the Constitution itself.

This censorship extends beyond the Second Amendment. It is indicative of a broader, more disturbing trend where Facebook's policies seem to conflict with the core principles foundational to the United States. By spurning a message in line with constitutional values, Facebook has adopted a position that is not merely anti-Second Amendment but fundamentally anti-American.

As a company committed to American values, we find this situation deplorable and deeply troubling. Facebook has become a central forum for public discourse, yet it is now actively eroding the constitutional rights that underpin and safeguard American democracy. This is not about a business entity enforcing its own rules but about a powerful corporation imposing measures that starkly oppose the U.S. Constitution.

Our choice to address this issue through our blog stems from a deep commitment to the principles our nation upholds. The rights to free speech, to bear arms, and to a free press are not just constitutional rights; they are the bedrock of our nation's founding and prosperity.

We are issuing this post as a call to action. It is imperative for both individuals and businesses to grasp the severity of this situation and to speak out against such unconstitutional practices. When a platform as influential as Facebook blatantly boycotts the Constitution, it establishes a perilous precedent, threatening not just free speech but the very essence of American democracy.

We stand resolute in our conviction that Facebook's actions cannot remain uncontested. As Americans, we have an obligation to protect the Constitution and the liberties it ensures. We urge you to take a stand against this and similar infringements and to escalate the issue through legally appropriate channels, ensuring that our collective voice in defense of constitutional rights is heard and respected.

Defending Our Constitutional Rights,

Kind Sniper LLC


* Facebook posting and ad rejection

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