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Nighthawk Custom Tactical Ready Series (TRS) Comp Double Stack 5" 9mm Pistol w. IOS Upgrade

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Tactical Ready Series (TRS) Comp., 9mm, 5.00". The TRS Comp features a match grade 5” barrel on a government sized frame with a monolithic slide. A full-length dust cover gives the pistol added weight up front, aiding in reducing muzzle flip. The entire pistol has been finished in black nitride for a sleek, durable look. An 14K gold bead front sight does an excellent job catching light, with a Heinie Ledge Black rear sight. The TRS Comp utilizes unique dimples at the rear of the slide, matching the pattern of the grip. Comes with Nighthawk IOS and other upgrades (see below).

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    Nighthawk Custom Tactical Ready Series (TRS) Comp Double Stack 5" 9mm Pistol with IOS Upgrade for optimal sight versatility. Designed for the discerning shooter, this high-capacity 1911 pistol integrates cutting-edge features with Nighthawk's renowned craftsmanship.

    Key Features:

    • Match Grade Barrel: 5” stainless steel for unparalleled accuracy.
    • Monolithic Slide & Government Frame: Enhanced durability with a full-length dust cover to minimize muzzle flip.
    • Black Nitride Finish: Sleek, corrosion-resistant coating for a durable and sophisticated look.
    • Innovative Sight System: Equipped with the Nighthawk IOS (Interchangeable Optic System) and complemented by a 14K gold bead front sight and Heinie Ledge Black rear sight for superior visibility.
    • Ergonomic Enhancements: Front and rear cocking serrations, ambi safety, and a black out option for a custom feel and operation.


    Sight Upgrade - Nighthawk IOS (MSRP: $350)
    Sight Upgrade, IOS (Interchangeable Optic System), Includes Nighthawk IOS Base Plate, Novak Sight Cut, Standard Rear Sight, & Front Sight

    Add Front Cocking Serrations (MSRP: $50)
    Add Front Cocking Serrations

    Ambi Safety (MSRP: $120)
    Ambi Safety Upgrade, Fully Machined Tool Steel

    Black Out (MSRP: $75)
    Black Out Option, Blacken Trigger, Barrel, Plug, & Bushing

    IOS Plate, Trijicon RMR (SKU: SI0091, UPC 080683001983)

    See manufacturer's website for additional details

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