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Nighthawk Custom | One Gun, One Gunsmith

Nighthawk Custom was formed in 2004 by a group of four talented individuals who had a true passion for the 1911 platform. Nighthawk Custom is proud to be the home of the World’s Finest 1911 Pistols. As the company continues to grow from those original employees to approximately 85 full-time employees today, the selection and assortment of Nighthawk 1911s have also grown. Nighthawk Custom has expanded the product line from the original two models, the GRP and Talon, to over 40 unique and custom versions of the 1911, including versions built on a double stack, high-capacity frame. Learn More information about Nighthawk Custom and the Custom Shop HERE.

Kind Sniper is proud to be Nighthawk Custom’s Preferred Dealer. We will be happy to assist you with placing your special order for a Nighthawk 1911 or a Korth revolver. We will work with you and Nighthawk to make sure your order accurately reflects your specifications and preferences, and once you’ve reviewed and approved it, ask Nighthawk to initiate the production process. Feel free to inquire by contacting us.


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