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Nighthawk Custom | Custom Shop

June 28th, 2022
Nighthawk Custom Shop

We at Kind Sniper have always been passionate about the 1911 platform: its legacy, proven track record and continued popularity. However, 1911 is somewhat of a broad term: the platform has a lot of variations and implementations by hundreds of manufacturers. But if you want to talk about the best of the best, Nighthawk Custom is the name that comes to mind by direct association. And rightfully so! We have seen Nighthawk's manufacturing process in real life and were greatly impressed by their level of craftsmanship, dedication and pride in their work. Nighthawk's Custom Shop is an exciting service Nighthawk Custom offers to the 1911 owners. If you want to take your existing 1911 to the next level (or a level above next) consider getting the Custom Shop guys to help. The Custom Shop also creates concept Nighthawk 1911's from ground up; we gladly grab those when we can. More information...



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