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Mastering the Art of Precision: A Review of Nighthawk Talon Series Pistols

July 19th, 2023
Nighthawk Talon Government 9mm

Nighthawk Talon

With every meticulous detail passionately chiseled by the skilled hands at Nighthawk Custom, the Nighthawk Talon represents the zenith of gun craftsmanship. This fine embodiment of precision engineering is the glowing hallmark of Nighthawk Custom, a manufacturer distinguished for its luxury range of custom 1911 pistols.

The Talon collection comprises full-sized 1911 pistols, predominantly presented in .45 ACP and 9mm versions. Carved from superior-grade steel, the frame and slide of these pistols exude a potent balance of strength and stability. At its core, the weapon boasts a match grade barrel, a renowned component recognized for its dependable performance and astounding accuracy.

Imbued with cocobolo grips, the Talon emanates an enchanting aesthetic appeal while ensuring a firm and comfortable hold. Front and rear cocking serrations, along with Heinie Straight Eight Tritium night sights, amplify the pistol's overall utility. The painstaking hand-fitting and hand-polishing of each individual component by Nighthawk Custom are gloriously manifest in the gun's seamless operation and buttery-smooth trigger break.

Nighthawk Talon II

The Nighthawk Talon II emerges as a petite sibling to the original Talon. Preserving the peerless artistry and intricate detailing of the Talon, the Talon II wraps these virtues in a smaller, more discreet package. It's an embodiment of convenience, making it a suitable companion for everyday carry. Yet, it does not falter in its performance; the compact pistol matches the larger Talon in terms of reliability, durability, and exceptional accuracy.

The Talon II possesses a modestly shorter barrel length than the original Talon, yet it remarkably holds up its precision. In keeping with the familial similarity, the Talon II retains the Heinie Straight Eight Tritium night sights and captivating cocobolo grips from its predecessor, thereby reinforcing the usability and visual allure across the Talon series.

Nighthawk Talon Government 9mm

The Talon Government 9mm stands as a full-size edition within the Talon lineage. This 9mm variant offers a delightful blend of power and recoil, making it an enticing option for those seeking the grandeur of a full-size pistol without the rigorous recoil of a .45 ACP.

Mirroring its .45 ACP equivalent, the 9mm version echoes the same exceptional construction and feature set. The forged frame and slide, match grade barrel, and meticulously hand-finished parts all join hands to produce a high-performing weapon. Given the reduced recoil and more affordable ammunition, the Talon Government 9mm makes an enticing choice for an array of uses, from target practice to home protection, and even for shooting competitions.

Nighthawk Talon, Talon II, and Talon Government 9mm collectively stand as a testament to the superlative craftsmanship and painstaking detailing that sets Nighthawk Custom apart. These pistols might be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but for connoisseurs willing to shell out for premium 1911 pistols, the Talon range offers outstanding returns on investment.


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