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In Unity with Israel: Resisting Atrocities Together

October 12th, 2023
We stand with Israel

The chilling series of events unfolding in Israel has deeply impacted us, revealing the haunting depths to which entities like Hamas, the ISIS of modern days, are willing to plunge. At Kind Sniper, our message is crystal clear: our unequivocal support and unwavering solidarity remain with Israel in these dire times. The wanton slaughter of innocent civilians, particularly babies and children, is not merely a tragic incident—it's a horrifying testament to the unchecked cruelty of terrorists.

To those finding reasons to rationalize or defend these macabre acts: your sense of humanity appears lost. A moral compass that points to such justification is not merely skewed—it's shattered.

Terrorism, irrespective of its underlying reasons or the banners it parades, is an atrocious crime against humanity. Whether it's the extremist ideologies of ISIS from history or the contemporary terror of Hamas, the result is the same: unyielding malevolence. We emphasize this by drawing a distinct line: targeting innocent civilians, especially children, transcends warfare and enters the realm of pure malevolence.

Israel remains a beacon of resilience, safeguarding its people and its homeland. We at Kind Sniper stand beside them, unwavering. This fight against the blatant and gruesome acts of terror is one that should unite every individual, every enterprise, and every nation. In times like these, silence equates to passive endorsement.

In our staunch support for Israel, and our firm denunciation of Hamas as the ISIS of our times, Kind Sniper amplifies this sentiment: such actions will neither be tolerated nor forgotten. We stand as a united front against the bleakness terror cultivates.

For those misguided souls asserting that such monstrous acts somehow address perceived injustices, we offer a retort: resorting to brutal violence only intensifies the chasm of enmity and suspicion. Holding onto the misguided belief that the cold-blooded murder of innocents paves a way forward is not just erroneous—it's heartbreakingly delusional.

We are confident that Israel will endure and triumph, and those who perpetrate such vile acts will be etched in the annals of history alongside the likes of Nazis, ISIS, Hamas, and other embodiments of evil, unworthy of being identified as human beings.


October 29, 2023

Isreal was attacked by Hamas. Hamas is the government of Gaza. Ordering an attack to kill innocent civilians was Nothing less than barbaric evil. Hamas's chooses to hide behind their woman and children after the attack to increase civilian casualties to use as exspendable resources to play to the wests nievite. There is no better time than this to put an end to hamas and free the palastinians from under their thumb. Isreal was attacked and has a moral right to defend its people. I fully support Isreals response. Civilians dying is on Hamas if they use them as human schields, not Isreal. Isreal needs to take it to them hard and rid Gaza of these vile people. I stand with Isreal. ISREAL WILL TRIUMPH AND AMERICA WILL STAND WITH ISREAL!
- Donnie

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