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Beat the Competition (BTC) Program

Last updated: May 22, 2022



  • The program applies to the firearm products (handguns [semi-automatic pistols, revolvers] and long guns [rifles, shotguns]) that Kind Sniper currently has in stock. 
  • Special/custom orders placed by Kind Sniper with firearm manufacturers on customer's behalf are excluded.
  • The competitor must be a valid and established FFL business entity selling via its own website (classifieds and marketplaces such as,, etc. will not be considered). 
  • The competitor’s product item and Kind Sniper’s product item for which the discount is sought must be identical, including the MPN and UPC identifiers.  
  • Both the competitor and Kind Sniper must have the item in stock at the time of the BTC Request and up to 24 hours thereafter.
  • This is a “while supply lasts” program; no rain checks or similar accommodations will be offered unless we choose to make an exception.
  • We only consider competitors' prices listed on their company websites at the URL provided in the BTC Request and, if applicable, "placed in cart" prices. We do not consider competitor email quotes, verbal quotes, or screenshots. We must be able to verify the prices by visiting the URL provided in the BTC Request.
  • The offer cannot be combined with any other Kind Sniper discounts.
  • We reserve the right to reject a BTC Request based on our analysis of the competitor's price for reasonableness. For example, a price below the ones set by major wholesale distributors is likely to be viewed as unreasonable and become grounds for BTC Request rejection. Competitor “cash discount” prices could also be grounds for rejection, since our BCT Program generally utilizes credit cards as its method of payment; however, we will make a final determination on a case by case basis.
  • If the BTC Request is approved, we will email you an electronic invoice reflecting the product name and the adjusted price (please be sure to provide a valid email in the BTC Request form); applicable tax and standard shipping fees will be added to the total of the invoice. If the invoice is not paid within 24 hours, our commitment to honor the reduced price will be null and void, and the item will be released back into the for-sale inventory. Once the invoice has been paid, we will proceed to preparing and shipping the order to the Receiving FFL dealer.


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